Fans’ view: Should Manchester United fans be angry at David de Gea if he joins Real Madrid?

by Sam Peoples

The latest reports from Andy Mitten on David de Gea‘s future don’t sound very promising as far as Manchester United fans are concerned.

Mitten says De Gea has refused to sign an offer of £200,000 per week from United, an offer which is a 400% increase on his current deal at £50,000.

It’s an offer which would make De Gea one of the highest earners at the club but most fans know that if he leaves this summer it will have nothing to do with the money and everything to do with returning home to Madrid.

Given that we are two games away from the end of the season, it’s safe to say De Gea has stalled his contract negotiations as much as possible and has at least one eye on a move to Madrid.

Who can blame him? He’s progressed so much at United and is happy at the club but his friends, family and girlfriend are all back in his hometown Madrid. Also, he could be Madrid’s no.1 goalkeeper, an opportunity which hasn’t existed for so long thanks to Iker Casillas.

It would be sad to see De Gea leave but after what he has done for United, would there be any hard feelings towards him?

Will you have any ill feeling towards De Gea if he joined Madrid this summer? Let us know and get involved in the comments below.

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