David de Gea wins Players’ and Fans’ Player of the Year for second consecutive season

by Sam Peoples

David de Gea has thanked fans for their incredible support having been named Fans’ Player of the Year for the second consecutive season.

The Spanish goalkeeper was also chosen as the Players’ Player of the Year as well which means he completed the ‘double double’ by winning both the Fans’ and Players’ awards for the second year in a row.

De Gea isn’t a man of who speaks much English but he thanked the fans during his awards presentation and made it clear how much he appreciates their continued and unrivaled support.

The fans’ award is the biggest award of the night and heading into the summer, De Gea knows one thing for sure – United fans fans will always love him no matter what, just like they have done with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now it is up to De Gea. Does he follow his footballing heart and stay at Man United or follow pretty much ever other fiber in his body to return to Madrid? I know where I’d hedge my guesses, even if it is the option nobody wants to hear.

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