Louis van Gaal explains his powerful speech at Players Awards: “I tell it in my own words”

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United had their end of season Player Awards earlier this week but on a night where it should be all about the players, Louis van Gaal took centre stage (quite literally).

The United boss’ impassioned speech was the highlight of the night because it showed the man instead of the manager and gave fans a genuine insight into how he is behind the scenes with the players, albeit that he is probably slightly more sober than he was at the awards.

Fans loved the speech as he didn’t hold back and speaking to the press he explained how there is reciprocal affection between him and United’s fanbase.

“I tell the story in my own words, with passion,” Van Gaal said.

“I love the fans because they show their belief in me.”

Louis van Gaal 25
Fans certainly do believe in Van Gaal. He has delivered on his objective this season and although there were points this season where some disillusion set in after a string of mediocre performances from Man United, the year can be considered a success.

Van Gaal was brought in on a three-year deal and has the overall objective to win the title in that time, something he remains entirely confident he can achieve.

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