Ed Woodward DID meet Jose Mourinho and Petr Cech’s agent

by Sam Peoples

Pictures emerged yesterday purporting to be Ed Woodward, Jose Mourinho and Petr Cech’s agent Viktor Kolar having a meeting in a London hotel.

Now, The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor confirmed that the meeting did indeed take place but has been told it was nothing more than a complete coincidence.

It would certainly be an almighty coincidence for Woodward to bump into Mourinho when he was with Cech’s agent, so you’ll forgive us for considering the possibility that a move to Man United for Cech was brought up in conversation.

Mourinho was happy to sell Juan Mata to United for the right price so the Chelsea boss probably wouldn’t have a problem selling Cech to Louis van Gaal if a replacement for De Gea was needed.

Hopefully that isn’t the case but contingency plans are definitely needed for United when it comes to the goalkeeper situation this summer.

Victor Valdes already being at the club gives Van Gaal a great option immediately, so there is a chance he’ll become United’s new no.1 instead of another goalkeeper being brought in but United need to make sure they keep their options as open as possible, so meeting (or bumping into) Cech’s agent is a good thing to see.

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