Jose Mourinho gives hilarious assesment of Louis van Gaal’s tactics

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal‘s speech at Manchester United’s end of season awards was the highlight of the night.

The Man United boss’ impassioned speech after perhaps (definitely) a few bottles of wine gave fans an insight into the man behind the manager and how funny Van Gaal can be. It really was fantastic.

At Chelsea’s end of season awards, Mourinho was in fine form as well and even United fans have to laugh at his assessment of Van Gaal’s style of play.

United’s stagnant possession has frustrated fans all year and Mourinho’s depiction of it was absolutely spot on, even if he was taking the piss.

United’s dominance in possession this season simply didn’t translate into enough goals and there were too many occasions where chances were wasted because nobody could find the final ball.

You can’t score goals if you don’t have the ball but next year, United certainly have to be more direct and threatening in attack. Mourinho’s right about that.

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