Photo: De Gea with youngsters in Madrid causes unnecessary panic

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United fans are certainly excited to see new players arrive in the summer transfer window but there is one player who they all want to see playing for Man United next year: David de Gea.

Any update on De Gea’s future and whether he will be joining Real Madrid is important news. So, when a picture emerged today on social media of the goalkeeper with some youngsters, alongside another picture with more youngsters in the Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid’s home ground, United fans went crazy.

Immediately, without fact checking, there was an assumption that De Gea’s was pictured in Madrid’s training ground which, of course, means he is certain to join Madrid.

While the latter may prove to be right over the course of the summer, De Gea certainly wasn’t at Madrid’s training ground.

The whole Spain team were at the FA this week ahead of their upcoming international games, so De Gea’s photo with the fans has nothing to do with Madrid or any transfer. Panic over.

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