Ander Herrera hails ‘very demanding and special’ Louis van Gaal

by Sam Peoples

Ander Herrera has revealed what life is like under Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal.

Man United’s boss is well known for his intense training methods and necessity for full commitment from his players at all times which reflects on how his teams play.

The Spaniard has joined a long list of players to compliment the Dutchman and comment on the hard work and effort he requires from everybody.

Speaking about his manager, Herrera said: “He is a good guy, and it’s true people could think that, for the image he gives off, that he is a difficult person. But he is good deep down.

Ander Herrera 23

“It is hard working with him, and the club is also in a reconstruction phase, with many changes, and he has shown a strong hand and character. In the end, it worked as the team ended up again where everyone wanted it to be.”

Having helped United qualify for the Champions League, it is obvious Van Gaal’s tough methods are paying off for the players, including Herrera.

He struggled to win over the Dutchman initially but grew into a crucial part of the squad in the second half of the season. With eight goals in all competitions, the 25-year-old seems to have finally plugged a hole in the midfield that United have had for years.

Despite being snubbed for the latest Spanish national squad, Herrera has proven his quality at United and under Van Gaal next season, he will be looking to go from strength to strength and lead United to silverware.



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