Ander Herrera explains what makes Manchester United so special to him

by Sid Choudhary

Ander Herrera has been fantastic for Manchester United on and off the pitch since he arrived last summer.

His endearing nature and infectious smile won the hearts of fans and he backed that up with some fantastic performances as well.

For Herrera, he loves United for its values just as much as its football and in an interview with Revista Elite Sport in Spain, he explained how much he admired the achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson and what he did for United.

He said: “He changed the history of this club, made this the biggest team in England, and one of the biggest in the world. Sir Alex is one of the most important managers in the history of English football.

“Few can achieve what he did. He spent 27 years coaching United and won 38 titles. That’s incredible!

“His legacy will always remain at this club, but that’s something positive, not negative. He’s a legend and an example for everyone.”


Herrera’s comments are sure to up his billing amongst United fans, a lot of whom compare the Spaniard to Paul Scholes.

When asked about these comparisons, and the pressure he faces, Herrera was coy with his answer: “The only pressure I feel is that which I put on myself. I’m very demanding of myself.”

Having moved to United from Athletic Bilbao, Herrera has enjoyed working under manager Louis Van Gaal.

After playing under other coaches who demand a lot from their players, such as Marcelo Bielsa and Ernesto Valverde, Herrera is used to the workload he faces.

Ander Herrera 16

He added: “The three share qualities that makes them great coaches, whilst at the same time, all three are unique. I’ve tried to learn as much as I possibly can from all my managers, and the team-mates I’ve had around me.

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with great coaches like these. All three are attacking minded coaches, who like their teams to be the protagonists, who never speculate, which suits my footballing qualities.”

For years, United’s midfield was the team’s Achilles heel which rivals exploited but thanks to the likes of Herrera, Juan Mata and Michael Carrick, it is now a position where United have great depth.

Herrera became a key part of United’s side towards the second half of last season and, despite being ignored for a Spain call up, he will be looking to go from strength to strength for United.

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