Fans’ view: Would your opinion of David de Gea change if he stayed at Manchester United?

by Ben Topliss

If David de Gea really wanted to stay at Manchester United, he would have publicly rubbished the rumours linking him with a move to Real Madrid months ago.

As it panned out, De Gea’s silence on the subject was telling and it is clear he wants to make the switch to Spain.

The issue if a divisive one for United fans. Many supporters feel he owes the club for making him into a world-class player while others understand his wish to be closer to his family and girlfriend.

We asked our Twitter followers for their thoughts on whether or not their opinion of De Gea will change if a potential transfer breaks down and he ends up staying at Old Trafford:

United fans may get upset about the potential move but it is apparent that his decision has nothing to do with money.

De Gea’s girlfriend, Edurne Garcia, is based in Madrid so it is understandable for him to want to be closer to his loved ones.

However, it will still be a bitter pill to swallow if he does leave Old Trafford. Supporters have seen him grow from a scrawny youngster to a world-class goalkeeper and he almost single-handedly dragged United into the top four last season.

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