Victor Valdes hits back at Louis van Gaal following controversial comments

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United keeper Victor Valdes has hit back at Louis van Gaal after he claimed that the Spaniard refused to play for the U21s last season.

In a fiery press conference on Wednesday, van Gaal criticised Valdes for not following his “philosophy” and confirmed he would be sold this summer.

It’s safe to say that van Gaal was not holding back and the news came as a shock to United fans.

Valdes responded by posting on social media about the times he had actually played for the second-string side:

The argument between van Gaal and Valdes is being played out very publicly and some fans have questioned whether or not the matter should have been handled inside the club.

However, it is good to see van Gaal firmly establishing himself as the boss. Everything he is doing, he is doing for the good of the club, which is absolutely the right stance to take. David Moyes is looking meeker and meeker in comparison.

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