Manchester United officially confirm Robin van Persie’s transfer to Fenerbahce

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have now officially announced Robin van Persie’s transfer to Fenerbahce has been completed.

The striker was unveiled earlier this month by Fenerbahce but there was no public announcement by the club as far as fans were concerned.

However, a statement was published by United three days ago, although it was so under the radar that nobody noticed it until today.

United’s official Twitter account didn’t acknowledge Van Persie’s exit either, so he has left the club almost silently without anything more than a thank you at the end of a short and to the point statement on the website.

Van Persie’s exit has been far from what fans expected it to be. He may not have had the greatest last two years at United but he was the catalyst for the title winning season in 2012/13 that brought No.20 to Old Trafford in Sir Alex Ferguson’s last ever year in charge.

Make of it what you will but United have a track record of letting major players leave through the back door. Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and now Van Persie are but four players who didn’t really get the send off fans felt they deserved.

Whatever the reasons behind it, Van Persie’s exit from United was almost done behind closed doors and that’s a shame to see given his contribution in that fantastic debut season he had.

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