Sergio Romero keen to show Manchester United fans how happy he is

by Tanveer Arayan

Sergio Romero is keen to show Manchester United fans just how happy he is to be at the club.

The Argentinian goalkeeper signed a three-year deal having joined a free transfer having left his previous club Sampdoria and is certainly wasting no time in building rapport with fans.

Speaking about the move, Romero explained how he travelled without his wife and children in order to take the opportunity and insisted he was going to work to make sure he took full advantage of that chance.

“I just want to show them how happy I am to be here,” he told

“I’ve travelled here without my wife and my children in the short term to come and make the most of this fantastic opportunity. I’ve explained to my family that this is a huge opportunity for us. We are very happy indeed and I’m going to work really hard for the club and for my family to make this work.”


That’s the spirit Sergio. He’s clearly happy as punch to be a United player and why wouldn’t he be? He’s certainly landed on his feet by securing a move to United seeing as he was a free agent after leaving Sampdoria.

Romero has a tough task ahead of him prying the No.1 spot David de Gea if he stays at the club but it will be interesting to see what role Van Gaal wants to give him if the Spaniard was to leave.

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