Manchester United transform Old Trafford with new Adidas branding

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United have completely removed any remnant of Nike from inside Old Trafford and replaced it with Adidas.

The new 2015/16 Adidas kit was launched on August 1 to end a long-term relationship with Nike and brings United back to Adidas for the first time since the 1990s.

Nike’s swoosh inside Old Trafford all around the stadium had almost become part of the ground because it had been there for so long but all evidence now has to be discarded.

It’s good to see United back where they belong with the 1990s inspired kits and lots o cons, so he’ll be making the trip as soon as possible.


With new kits on the players and a new brand emblazoned across Old Trafford, United have now officially kick started their 10-year-deal with the club.

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