David de Gea’s girlfriend Edurne Garcia angry at false press reports

by Sam Peoples

David de Gea‘s girlfriend is beginning to get more angry and confused than Wayne Rooney on a bad hair day.

Reports emerged this week from Spain that she said everything would be easier once De Gea was back in Madrid but was unaware her microphone was still on.

Just like United fans aren’t happy that Edurne is pulling him back towards Madrid, she is not happy at all with these reports and insinuated all of the stories were in fact fabricated.

Writing on Twitter, she said: “It’s a shame they have to put words in my mouth that I never said to get a story, one more time …”

Sorry Edurne, we’ve got zero sympathy for you in this situation based simply on the fact all United fans want De Gea to stay at the club, so we’ll automatically disagree with everything she about Untied’ No.1.

Not many people expected to see De Gea still at the club come the start of the season but Ed Woodward and co. are refusing to let him leave until their terms are met.

That has led to a big stalemate in negotiations and with so little time left in the transfer window, Real Madrid will have to act fast if they want to sign De Gea this summer.

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