Pedro Rodriguez features for Barcelona against Athletic Club in potential farewell game

by Sam Peoples

Pedro Rodriguez’s move to Manchester United has dragged on a little bit longer than most fans hoped it would.

His game against Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup final, where he scored the winner in injury time, was seen as his potential farewell performance and his dejected celebrations when Barcelona picked up the trophy suggested that was the case.

Yet, it wasn’t to be and Pedro played in the Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Club. Fans certainly thought that would be his last performance but again it wasn’t.

Now, Pedro played against Athletic Club in the second leg of the Super Cup final on Monday night and, although the others proved not to be, this is seen as his last game.

It has to Pedro’s last game unless he starts the La Liga season with Barcelona at the weekend and United fans tuned in to watch him in action:

Come on Pedro, time for you to switch Barcelona for Manchester and the Nou Camp for Old Trafford.

Angel di Maria might be a sore memory at the moment for United fans given how much they expected when he signed for a club record deal but Pedro joining would almost certainly alleviate those concerns.

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