From Brazil: Manchester United have offered €190m for Barcelona’s Neymar

by Sam Peoples

Globoesporte in Brazil have escalated the Neymar rumours by saying Manchester United have in fact offered €190m to Barcelona for the striker.

That amount is equivalent to Neymar’s release clause and Globoesporte say the bid was given by Ed Woodward to Barcelona last week when he was in Spain.

Man United are flush for cash but €190m (roughly £140m) is an eye-watering amount to even consider, given that United’s current club record is the £59.7m paid for Angel di Maria.

All United fans will be shaking their head at the rumours but it should definitely be taken into account that Globoesporte have no need to make up any rumours like this, and they are the first to say a bid has been made.

We’re looking at all of this with a wheelbarrow full of salt but ever since Neil Custis said United were interested in Neymar, the stories have escalated quickly.

Let’s just hope the transfer window is over soon. Either that or Neymar joins United, preferably the latter given the choice.

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