Philipp Lahm: Manchester United target Thomas Muller ‘lives for Bayern Munich’

by Robbie Dunne

Philipp Lahm has insisted that rumoured Manchester United target Thomas Muller ‘lives’ for Bayern Munich.

Man United have been linked with a move for Muller following a failed bid for Pedro and while it is unlikely to come off, the speculation continues.

The World Cup winner worked with Louis van Gaal at Bayern from 2009 until 2011 and the rumours have persisted all summer with nothing concrete aside from those connected to Bayern dismissing claims of a bid.

Lahm’s assertion that Muller lives for the club is another nail in the coffin for what appears to be a dead transfer rumour.

“Thomas is one of those role models who you can’t attach a price-tag to. He lives for Bayern, he is a very, very important player for us,” Lahm said.

Muller has started the season well, scoring three goals in two games, and it would be highly unlikely that Pep Guardiola would allow a vital part of his team to leave this late in the transfer window.

It also remains to be seen if Muller is exactly what United need. While Muller is a world-class footballer, he plays more as a secondary striker than an out-and-out No.9. He might be interested in a move to United further into his career but at the moment, it’s safe to say that supporters can forget about a transfer happening.

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