Videos: Manchester United fans sing Schweinsteiger and Romero chants in Brugge

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s away fans are some of the best in the world and they would have had a great trip to Belgium for the game against Club Brugge.

In the village centre before the game, Bastian Schweinsteiger‘s “Deutsche Fusbal Meister” song got an airing, much to the pleasure of his brother Tobi who was there filming it.

During the game, Sergio Romero pulled off a wonderful piece of goalkeeping to stop Brugge taking the ball round him when it looked like it was a certain goal for the Belgian side.

It’s not the first time this season that Romero has been called upon and answered, so the travelling fans let him know that his efforts aren’t going unnoticed with a chant. Radamel who?

I love the Schweinsteiger chant and really hope that one catches on. As for the Romero one, hopefully he can have something original but in the mean time, a Falcao remix is a good start.

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