Mike Keegan: Manchester United will wait before considering whether to offer David de Gea a new deal

by Ben Topliss

Manchester United will wait until the commotion surrounding David de Gea has died down before they consider offering him a new contract, according to MailOnline’s Mike Keegan.

De Gea is currently in a state of limbo at Old Trafford after his proposed move to Real Madrid broke down late on Monday night.

It is clear that the Spaniard wanted to move to Madrid but there have been suggestions that he may sign a new deal at Man United following the fiasco.

Keegan revealed that United are entertaining the possibility but will take their time before doing so:

If De Gea signed a new contract, he would earn higher wages at United before making his ‘dream move’ to Madrid next year.

United would be able to get a fairer fee for him, and everybody would be a winner. There may even be the possibility that De Gea could have a change of heart at some point in the campaign. Either way, it is probably in his best interests to sign a new deal. However, Madrid have reportedly offered De Gea a substantial sum not to so they can sign him on a free transfer next year.

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