Manchester United angry with UEFA decision over Moreno being named Man of the Match

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United are disappointed with UEFA’s decision to award PSV defender Hector Moreno the Man of the Match award on Tuesday night.

The Mexican defender left Luke Shaw with a double leg fracture after a very strong challenge but as well as not receiving any punishment for the tackle on the pitch, he was controversially named official Man of the Match by UEFA.

That choice has really disappointed United: “We find it strange and disappointing that Uefa made him [Moreno] man of the match after what happened to Luke.”

Being disappointed is one politically correct way to put it. The team in charge of making that call may be made up of local freelance journalists but they represent UEFA and this is something which simply shouldn’t have happened.

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Talk about not appreciating the situation and being empathetic with this decision towards Shaw, United or anybody else for that matter. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realise that giving Moreno the Man of the Match award in the circumstances is not the right thing to do.

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