Former Manchester United physio Matt Radcliffe backs Luke Shaw to recover from double leg break

by Tanveer Arayan

Former Manchester United physio Matt Radcliffe believes Luke Shaw’s double leg break will be “merely a blip” on his journey to be one of the best players in the world.

Shaw suffered a double fracture of his right leg during the 2-1 defeat against PSV Eindhoven earlier this week.

The youngster is expected to be out for at least six months and it is doubtful that he will play again this season.

Radcliffe backed Shaw to come back stronger and insisted the player will receive fantastic care at United.

Luke Shaw 20

“Luke has a great family around him and they will be very important in the first few days after this injury. Having the people you know best around you helps to put things into perspective and at the end of the day, this is just a minor blip in Luke’s career,” Radcliffe said.

“While it is hard to see it like that when you have suffered an injury as bad as this, that is how we have to look at it. When the time comes to look back on Luke’s career in a few years’ time, hopefully this incident will just be part of what should be a successful story.

“Luke is a sensible lad and even though this will be a difficult period for him, he will quickly appreciate that he has plenty of years ahead of him to achieve everything he wants in the game. We are talking here about a kid who is only 20 and, the way the medical profession can deal with this kind of major injury now, it shouldn’t have any effect on him in the long term.

“A broken bone is often easier to deal with from a medical perspective than ligament issues. You need to overcome a series of hurdles when you suffer a big injury like this and just have to hope there are no complications along the way. Having worked at United last season, I know Luke will be in wonderful hands with the doctors they have working there. They are superb professionals and Luke should get the best of care.”

Luke Shaw 11

Shaw had made a brilliant start to the campaign and it is devastating to see such a promising young player suffer a major injury. Radcliffe is right in saying that the 20-year-old is in good hands at Old Trafford as he begins his recovery. Whether Shaw features or not again this term remains to be seen.

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