Louis van Gaal says Luke Shaw’s rehabilitation has already started

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has confirmed Luke Shaw has started the rehabilitation process on his broken leg.

The 20-year-old is now at home having been released from hospital following multiple operations and Manchester United are wasting no time in beginning the long road to recovery for Shaw.

With serious injuries, the first few weeks are considered the most important when it comes to the long-term recovery, so it’s great to see Man United are starting as soon as possible.

Speaking about Shaw in his pre-match press conference, van Gaal said: “He was very positive which is amazing for me. It’s a very good signal. We have started the rehabilitation. He shall be visited at home firstly for electro muscle stimulants.”

When it comes to professional footballers, their access to medical facilities means the recovery process is so much faster than for us normal folk. Shaw getting the best medical attention possible puts him in the strongest position to fully recover.

It’s a very long road ahead for Shaw but he’ll have all the support he could ever ask for and the fans will be eagerly waiting to return.

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