Rio Ferdinand’s excellent analysis of Arsenal defeat highlights how Manchester United have changed

by Sam Peoples

Rio Ferdinand has shared his thoughts on Manchester United’s awful 3-0 defeat to Arsenal on Facebook.

They echo how lots of Man United fans are feeling after the full-time whistle – that we’ve just seen a team do to us what we so regularly did to others previously.

United were always the aggressors. We were the team who pressured opponents into mistakes away from home and hit hard on the counter-attack. On Sunday, those roles were reversed with Arsenal and the 3-0 scoreline could well have been more had they not sat deep to control the game at that stage.

There should be a real focus at United after this defeat in solving the current problems in the team in terms of mentality and approach, especially to the first half of football. If there’s no change, other teams will do the same to us across the course of the season.

Writing on Facebook: Rio said: I was always confident of beating Arsenal (home or away) apart from that Invincible’s team they had in 2003. Our confidence was purely based on our belief that we had better players, more match winners & a confidence in big games that they lacked….but even more importantly we knew we could over run them, over power them & had the hunger to do the grafting against them 1st to earn the result.


Get up in their faces, don’t give them time, hurry them, be aggressive with them etc & when you win the ball back go for the jugular.

The UEFA Champions League semi final vs Arsenal was a perfect example of the above.

The manager sir alex knew it, we believed it & come game time it was done.

So roll forward to the game on Sunday at the Emirates, which I took my kids to (kitted out in their Manchester United kits) & I saw a complete turnaround…I was seeing arsenal do to us (especially the win it back & break quickly & direct tactic) what my @manutd team had done to arsenal many times.
Mesut Özil goal was a perfect example of that too….me and my kids were in a state of shock like every fan at the Emirates on Sunday – both sets of fans different reasons for shock obviously!

Is this the moment that the Arsenal team now smell blood in this league where not one team are standing out as the dominant force & it’s up for grabs now more than ever before in recent Premier League history? Will we see another Olympiacos FC type performance/result off the back of this result of which we have come to expect off of this arsenal team?? Or is this the arsenal who are going to seize the moment after such a performnce where Walcott & sanchez were hurrying defenders & midfielders to retrieve the ball then flying up the other end putting fear into the man utd defenders, where Ozil’s class & ability shone through, where cech made saves at important times in the game…..

Its down to these players to recognise all of this & move forward relentlessly because they have shown what they are capable of in this game….The mentality to reproduce this game by game is the knack to winning this PL trophy.

Piers Morgan we must remember this was just one game though!!

Enjoy all you gunners fans out there…This actually hurt writing this I’ll have you know as a MUFC fan!
Ps. MUFC always had the knack of coming back in games….This game they had a couple of game changing moments that were never taken….maybe it just wasn’t their day…time will tell!!!

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