Manchester United’s Luke Shaw visits London for dinner on the Strand

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s Luke Shaw continues to surprise us all with his phenomenal rate of recovery and re-adjustment back into every day life.

On Friday night, Shaw travelled to London for some dinner out in the Strand, presumably with friends or family.

We sound like a broken record at this point but we can’t quite over how quickly Shaw seems to be integrating himself back to normality.

He’s visited Carrington, had a jaunt around the streets of Manchester and now he’s travelled down to London for some dinner on the Strand. It’s still hard to believe his horror leg break against PSV happened just 26 days ago isn’t it?

Quite how Shaw is able to do so much, including travelling a fair distance, so soon after his operations is staggering but you’d have to presume he has been given permission by his doctor’s to do so.

At this rate, you get the feeling Shaw could really play for United again before the end of the season. I never thought it was a possibility but if he is already fit to travel and socialise after less than a month of recovery, then we all may have underestimated his rate of recovery.

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