Jose Semedo: Cristiano Ronaldo will return to England

by Ben Topliss

Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate Jose Semedo believes the Portuguese forward will return to England before he retires.

Semedo and Ronaldo played together at Sporting Lisbon before the latter moved to Manchester United in 2003 and the pair often holiday together.

Ronaldo is currently at Real Madrid but rumours of a Man United return seem to pop up every year.

Semedo insisted his close friend “loves” England and that he will go back one day.

“He is very happy at Real Madrid and he loves English football, he loves English people and deep down I think he will come back to England,” Semedo said.

“He doesn’t like he wants to finish his career without coming back to England. He said he would wish Real Madrid is in England, but that is not possible so I believe he will end his career in English football.”

Ronaldo’s potential return to United seems to be more of a fairytale rather than anything based on reality. A transfer for the forward would be incredibly difficult to pull off and Ronaldo, at 30, isn’t getting any younger. Of course, Ronaldo wanting to come back to England doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll end up at United!

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