Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal hits back at Paul Scholes following criticism

by Ben Topliss

Louis van Gaal has dismissed claims from Paul Scholes that Manchester United play unattractive football.

Scholes complimented van Gaal on Man United’s defensive discipline earlier this week but criticised the Dutchman for his side’s lack of creativity going forward.

Scholes added that former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson would not have “adhered” to van Gaal’s style and that he would not have enjoyed playing in this current side.

Van Gaal rubbished Scholes’ claims and insisted that he “always takes risks”.

Asked if Scholes’ criticism resonated with him, van Gaal said: “You think so? That is your opinion. You have an expression, sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

“You understand the meaning of this? It has no effect, he doesn’t have the responsibility. Why does he say? For the benefit of the club or himself? We play for the fans and you see the stadium is still full for the Capital One Cup. That is not normal.”

Asked if he was taking enough risks at United, van Gaal added: ”Now you are agreeing with the opinion of Paul Scholes – I always take risks, but I do not agree with his opinion. I don’t want to disagree with him because he is a legend, he has a lot of resonance.

“When you are a legend, you must speak with the manager, or his friend Ryan Giggs, or Ed Woodward. But he is paid by BBC or Sky to say some things.”

Louis van Gaal 65

United are scrutinised by fans all over the world and criticism will be inevitably levelled at van Gaal following a run of poor performances. Unfortunately, patience wears thin at a club like United, where instant success is craved. Van Gaal is overseeing a rebuilding process at Old Trafford but it is unclear how long fans will be willing to wait before seeing results.

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