Is Wayne Rooney finished at Manchester United?

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has been struggling for form this season and fans are starting to wonder if this could be the beginning of the end for England’s record goalscorer.

The 30-year-old has already had an incredible career but time seems to be catching up with him. The skipper undeniably puts in the effort for the cause but his touch, pace and passing have let him down on numerous occasions this campaign.

Man United want the old Rooney back, there is no doubting that. He has done great things at Old Trafford over the years and, despite the criticism he is receiving right now, everyone wants to see him do well. If the striker can get back to his best, United will know they have a world class centre forward but it is all about him regaining that form.

The question has come up more this season than any before and it could be an indication that Rooney is nearing the end. However, there is no denying his ability and a small reminder of his talent from years gone by will give fans hope that Rooney can be a world-beater once more.

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