Morgan Schneiderlin missed Manchester United training due to ‘personal reasons’

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has explained that Morgan Schneiderlin missed training with Manchester United ahead of CSKA Moscow due to ‘personal reasons’.

The French midfielder’s absence raised concerns among fans he would be unavailable for the Moscow game and there is still no certainty that he is unavailable.

However, the good news is that there doesn’t seem to be an injury behind his absence, unless van Gaal was keeping that from the press.

“He [Morgan] had private reasons to be excused and I accepted his reasons,” van Gaal said at his press conference.

“We must win, of course. At home, Manchester United must win all the Champions League games. You can say it but it is not so easy, of course.”

Schneiderlin’s importance to United’s defensive make-up has been seen by the fact we’ve only conceded zero goals in the last three games. The attacking has been lacking but the defensive side of United’s game is very strong.

He’s undoubtedly United’s most important central midfielder – ahead of both Schweinsteiger, Carrick and Herrera – so van Gaal will want to keep him fit. There was a point this season where Schneiderlin was inexplicably being left on the bench but it would be a huge surprise to see that happen any time soon.

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