Manchester United legend Roy Keane labels Ashley Young a ‘disgrace’ for apparent diving

by Ben Topliss

Roy Keane has labelled Ashley Young a “disgrace” following his alleged dive against CSKA Moscow and questioned his credentials as a Manchester United player.

Young went to ground following a Georgi Shchennikov challenge but the 30-year-old seemed to engineer and exaggerate the contact.

Young has developed a reputation for diving over the course of his career having found himself at the centre of a number of incidents in the past.

Keane blasted the Man United forward and insisted his behaviour “shouldn’t be accepted” at the club.

“Far too many times,” Keane said of Young’s tendency to dive. “I think the guy’s a disgrace and if he’s a Man United player I’m a Chinaman.

“Absolute disgrace, he’s done it far too many times. Look at that. Absolute disgrace. And I just hope players are getting a hold of him, whether it be the manager or some of the senior players.

“That shouldn’t be accepted at Man United. That’s absolutely disgraceful. That’s not leaving your leg in, that’s different. The triple somersault he does. He’s a disgrace. They need to get hold of him and say, ‘you don’t behave like that playing for Man United’.

“Maybe do it once or twice, and make mistakes, but he’s done it nine or 10 times and he’s done it at his previous clubs.”

While Young’s apparent diving is right to be criticised, Keane questioning his credentials as a United player is harsh. Young has done nothing but immerse himself in the culture of United since he joined, and he often interacts with fans. On the pitch, the player has performed in a variety of unusual positions in the interests of the team. He does need to cut the diving out, but everything else he does is first class.

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