Morgan Schneiderlin not looking for individual praise at Manchester United

by Tanveer Arayan

Morgan Schneiderlin has insisted that he is not looking for individual praise at Manchester United and that he just wants the team to win.

Schneiderlin joined Man United this summer from Southampton and has gone about his business with a minimum of fuss at Old Trafford.

The Frenchman’s contribution in midfield has been crucial for Louis van Gaal’s side but Schneiderlin rarely grabs the headlines.

He revealed that he just wants to help the team do well over the course of the campaign.

Morgan Schneiderlin 20

When asked if he enjoys staying out of the limelight, Schneiderlin said: ”Yeah, I do, because I’m a team player. I don’t play for chasing praise from anyone. Of course, you have to play as well as you can but I don’t play to have a good rating in the newspaper or anything like that. I just play to win games and give my team the best possibilities.

“I think a lot of players are working very, very hard and a lot of players are getting praise around us because they score or they give assists in their position. But a lot of players are working hard, making some crucial challenges and doing some good things. Yet sometimes, of course, we are bit out of the spotlight, if I can say that. But for me I don’t care about being in the spotlight. I just like to win!”

The composure and ease on the ball which Schneiderlin brings in the middle of the park has been fantastic to see at United, particularly after so many years of midfield mediocrity. While he doesn’t uproot any trees, his teammates will be fully aware of the invaluable contribution that the 26-year-old brings.

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