Yaya Toure: I want City to be like Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Yaya Toure has admitted he’d love for Manchester City to be like United.

City have become a force in recent years thanks to the huge amount of cash invested by Sheikh Mansour and they now have one of the best squads in the Premier League.

Despite all their spending, City have never reached the knock-out stages of the UEFA Champions League yet and even though he’s previously had plenty of fallings out with the club, least not for them not giving him time off last year when his younger brother was dying, Toure wants to commit to City (so long as they become more like United).

“I want to show the boss and fans I’m there to fight until the end,” Toure said.

“[Critics] don’t understand that. I want to leave my mark. My target is to be the biggest club in the world… I don’t say it’s me who’s a warrior, the only one, but I’m one of the guys that’s been here a long time and wants to show this club…

“We have to win the Champions League, several trophies, over many years. We have to show Manchester United, yeah, we’re becoming like you. They’ve been winning trophies for years and I want City to be like them. That’s what I am fighting for and I will never give up.”

United have had a massive reality check since Sir Alex Ferguson retired but as out win over Watford showed at the weekend, the fighting spirit hasn’t died – it just needs to be woken up from its slumber. During that time, City and Chelsea have been able to capitalise but we’re continuing to improve and are fighting our way back towards the top of the Premier League.

City’s new academy complex is enviable and they have changed the landscape of football in Manchester but as Toure basically admits in his interview, United still remains the top dog in Manchester, even if the last few years has seen that grip diminish.

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