Peter Schmeichel: Manchester United’s style unlikely to change under Louis van Gaal

by Tanveer Arayan

Peter Schmeichel has admitted he has “no idea|” where Manchester United are heading under Louis van Gaal.

Man United produced yet another limp attacking display on Saturday as they drew 1-1 with Leicester City at the King Power stadium.

It was a disappointing result for United as it meant they missed the chance to go top of the Premier League table. Schmeichel revealed he is disappointed about the direction United are heading under van Gaal.

“I’m disappointed in a few things he’s saying,” Schmeichel said.

“Manchester United don’t wait for just one chance. They have 10 or 12 chances to score in a game. This is not the way they’re set out to play and I don’t know if it is going to change.

“The thing about van Gaal is you hear him talk he never tells you what the big picture is.

“As supporters we don’t know what is his plan. He’s always talking about giving the sense that everything is under control and going in the right direction but I have no idea what his ultimate goal is.”

Peter Schmeichel 2

Man United have built a rich history of attacking football under Sir Alex Ferguson and van Gaal’s philosophy goes completely against that.

While the Dutchman has done an excellent job of steadying the ship following the disastrous reign of David Moyes, there is a sense that he needs to take United up a level or two if he is to keep the fans on side.

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