Stats: How do Manchester United play under Louis van Gaal?

by Sam Peoples

Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show took a look at how Manchester United are playing under Louis van Gaal and the stats don’t paint a pretty picture.

Yes, the following stats are cherry picked but they correctly encapsulate the core reason behind why Man United fans are frustrated, other than the fact we’ve drawn 0-0 on five occasions in our last nine games.

How do we play under van Gaal? These stats sum it up:
Dominance without penetration. Pressure without elation. United have dry-humped their way to being three points off the top of the Premier League but the ultimate satisfaction simply hasn’t come.

Paul Ansorge excellently summarised the cultural differences between van Gaal and the fans and how it’s causing a clash which unfortunately is unlikely to be resolved.

Man United fans don’t quite understand what goes on in van Gaal’s head and how he justifies his methods without faltering. Van Gaal doesn’t quite understand what goes on inside the heads of United fans and why they are not happy with the performances. That is unlikely to ever change.

Yet, it’s not just the philosophy which is causing headaches as against West Ham we had more than enough chances to win the game. At that point, the frustrations fell not at the feet of van Gaal but at the players. The frustrations are becoming contagious.

Dominance in games without wins can only take you so far but no matter how much United fans voice their discontent, van Gaal won’t change his methods but will it be worth it at the end of the season?

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