Louis van Gaal: Manchester United have improved this season despite early Champions League exit

by Tanveer Arayan

Louis van Gaal believes that Manchester United have improved this season despite their early exit from the Champions League this week.

Man United failed to get out of the group stages and qualify for the last 16 of Europe’s elite competition after they suffered a 3-2 defeat against Wolfsburg on Tuesday.

However, van Gaal claimed going further in the League Cup and reaching the Champions League this season demonstrates that his team are making progress.

“At the moment, I cannot defend myself because we are out of the Champions League and every word I say is a wrong word, I think,” van Gaal said.

“When you see the facts, we were further in the Capital One Cup, we qualified for the Champions League group; we have played all these matches and are still in a very good position in the league. The facts are saying that we are better than last year, so that’s my answer because I can only give facts. I’m disappointed that we’re out of the Champions League, of course.”

While van Gaal is right in saying that United are going further in various competitions, it is clear for all to see that next to no progress is being made on the pitch.

United’s play is stagnating and there are no visible signs that it will get better anytime soon. You get the sense that van Gaal will be given until the end of the season to turn things around but difficult decisions may have to be made in the summer if he fails.

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