Rio Ferdinand: Manchester United players have to be allowed to express themselves

by Tanveer Arayan

Rio Ferdinand feels that Manchester United are going backwards as players fear the consequences of taking chances in attack.

Louis van Gaal‘s side have only won three out of their last 12 games and back-to-back defeats to Wolfsburg and Bournemouth has seen fans’ frustrations start to boil over.

Despite that, Ferdinand doesn’t see van Gaal changing his ways regardless of how bad it gets.

He said: “Players are playing it safe because they are afraid of the consequences if they try to take chances.

“Manchester United are going backwards again and I don’t see that changing because the manager will not change.

“They have to be allowed to express themselves.”

When reports first emerged last year from Andy Mitten when he suggested van Gaal had told James Wilson to stop dribbling in training, it raised eyebrows. With United playing the way we are, the concerning concept that players are being told not to play their natural game is a potential reality.

This is the question I keep asking in regards to the current situation at United – is van Gaal willing to change his ways or would he rather sink the ship than admit his philosophy isn’t working?

If it’s the latter, then United are currently on a road to nowhere which only has one outcome – van Gaal suffering the same fate as David Moyes.

Patience from fans can only go so far and the insanity of van Gaal repeating the same mistakes yet expecting a different outcome is starting to wear very thin.

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