Pep Guardiola to Manchester City? Man United fans not happy about potential move

by Sam Peoples

Pep Guardiola is to confirm his future at Bayern Munich next week and widespread reports suggest he is going to leave the German champions.

If that were to happen, Manchester City are considered favourites to bring him in but with Louis van Gaal‘s future uncertain, Manchester United will surely be looking over at Guardiola as a potential replacement this summer.

“Tonight, I have no answer,” Guardiola said after Tuesday’s win over Darmstadt.

“Next week there will be clarity.”

Man United fans certainly feel that Guardiola is the perfect replacement and wouldn’t be at all happy to see him join City:

I’ve got to say that I agree with them for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if Guardiola moves to City and Carlo Ancelotti replaces him at Bayern, who would that leave for United to look at this summer if van Gaal’s time is up? Probably Ryan Giggs.

We’d be repeating the same risks as replacing Sir Alex Ferguson with David Moyes if Giggs took over from van Gaal. Is that a risk we can afford to take?

Secondly, Guardiola and City together has the potential to be a formidable partnership and if United just sat by and let that happen, then it could be a grave mistake.

If United are to replace van Gaal this summer, then who do you want to see take up the hot seat?

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