The Sun launches scathing attack on Louis van Gaal saying ‘we’re sorry’

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal walked out during his press conference ahead of Stoke City after making it clear how frustrated he was at the British press.

With the growing Jose Mourinho rumours and uncertainties around van Gaal’s future, reports are continuing to intensify over whether he will be sacked from his position as Man United manager. So much so, that van Gaal is growing ever more angry with what is being said in the papers, to the point where he left the press conference on Wednesday.

In response, The Sun has taken it upon themselves to completely justify his frustrations with their backpage on Christmas Eve.


If you’re getting some deja vu after seeing that back-page, this might explain why (zero points for originality):


There’ll be plenty of fans nodding in agreement at some of the points made about United’s poor performances and what’s happened this season but van Gaal’s reasoning for walking out has been proven correct by The Sun.

I’ll be the first to admit that my initial reaction was that van Gaal was foolish to walk out of his press conference but The Sun’s response, noticeably under the by-line of “Apollo Gees” instead of being attributed to the journalist – Neil Custis – behind it, has made me jump to support van Gaal, our manager, regardless of the current situation.

Is it the perfect play from van Gaal to divert attention away from our poor performances and results with a cleverly orchestrated decision to leave his press conference, or was he simply a human asking for empathy around a sensitive situation with wider repercussions outside of the footballing world?

That’s the key question here, and one for you to make your own mind up about.

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