Louis van Gaal: We can turn this situation around

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal is adamant that he can turn around Manchester United’s current plight and wants to see everybody stick together.

Lots of fans have lost patience in van Gaal’s ‘process’ following a third consecutive defeat with a 2-1 loss to Norwich and the media have really started to turn on the Dutchman.

In the face of adversity, van Gaal fully accepts United’s situation is the worst under his tenure but he is confident it is a lull which can be overcome.

Writing in United Review, van Gaal said: “We can turn this situation around. This is Manchester United. A club which is known around the world or never being beaten.

“See the team get poor results is strange for you, but the best way to come out of this and improve is for us all to stick together.

“There is no disguising the fact that we are in a very bad period, the worst I have known since I became United manager. [But] I have been a manager for a long time, so I have known bad times as well as good ones.”

Issuing rallying cries to fans is all good and well, and may bring more out in support, but ultimately it boils down to how United play on the pitch.

Losing against Stoke this weekend could be catastrophic in that respect because if our players show no fight at all to overturn the current situation, then fans would have every right to be angry and frustrated.

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