Eidur Gudjohnsen regrets not joining Manchester United despite multiple offers

by Tanveer Arayan

Eider Gudjohnsen has revealed there were at least two occasions where he could have joined Manchester United but chose not to.

The Icelandic striker joined Chelsea in 2000 and went on to score over 70 goals in a six year period for the London based club.

However, it could have all been and Gudjohsen admitted not playing for Man United is something he might regret.

Speaking about his career, Gudjohnsen said: “I might regret never having played for Manchester United, or under the direction of Alex Ferguson more than perhaps for United as a club. There were some two occasions at least where it was completely in the picture.”

To be fair, United had an excellent strike-force back in 2000 with the likes of Sheringham, Cole and Yorke, so we didn’t struggle without Gudjohnsen then but there’s no timeframe mentioned as we don’t know when those two clear opportunities arose.

Either way, Gudjohnsen isn’t the only player United didn’t sign at the time but we certainly seemed to do pretty alright with the players who did make the move.

Would you have wanted Gudjohnsen to join United? If yes, when do you think would have been the perfect time for him to join?

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