Ander Herrera’s rallying cry after Stoke defeat falling on deaf ears

by Sam Peoples

Ander Herrera returned to Manchester United’s starting XI for Stoke on Boxing Day much to the delight of fans who were happy to have him back in the team.

However, to say his return was underwhelming is a bit of an understatement because while Herrera is usually extremely influential, he was nothing short of awful against Stoke just like the rest of his team-mates.

In a message to fans, Herrera said that fighting and working hard is the only way to overcome these ‘tough times’ which is spot on, but our players have been saying that after every one of the last four consecutive losses but there has been zero response on the pitch.

It’s about time the players took it upon themselves and actually looked like they wanted to fight for the shirt, instead of limping from one defeat to another without so much as breaking a sweat.

At this point, I’m pretty tired of hearing the players try to rally support from fans without showing a response. How about turning up on the pitch and winning a game? That’s how we should be reacting, not with more vacant attempts to show fans that the right attitude is there.

Will we beat Chelsea? In all honesty I am not entirely confident with things looking so bleak right now on the pitch. The players don’t seem to want to fight for van Gaal and I think it’s a case of when and not if van Gaal goes and another new chapter begins.

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