Alan Pardew: Sadio Mane will stay at Southampton if his heart is still with the club

by Tanveer Arayan

Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew believes Sadio Mane will stay at Southampton if his “heart and mind” is still with the club.

Mane has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester United this season and the rumours intensified after the player was late for a team meeting last week.

There have been reports that Man United are plotting a move this month but Pardew insisted any decision on Mane’s future will not be down to money.

“Sadio is a good player,” Pardew said.

“I think he’s been impressive and I think the link between the two clubs has been strong. There have been a lot of rumours so maybe there is a connection there.

“I’m sure Southampton are in a strong financial position to resist any bid so it’s whether the player really has his heart at Southampton.

“I know from experience at Newcastle [United] that if the heart and mind is not there finance becomes irrelevant.”

Sadio Mane 3

The amount of money swirling around in the Premier League right now has made clubs less inclined to sell their prize assets, particularly mid-season.

As Pardew rightly says, Mane leaving Southampton will come down to whether or not he truly wants to play for the Saints anymore. If he continues to act up and performances on the pitch suffer as a result, Southampton will have to seriously consider whether or not they want Mane to stay at the club.

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