Peter Schmeichel: Ander Herrera always passes backwards or sideways

by Tanveer Arayan

Peter Schmeichel has criticised Manchester United’s Ander Herrera for always ‘passing sideways or backwards.’

The former Man United goalkeeper claimed Louis van Gaal‘s tactics are playing a big factor in his performances on the pitch and suggested the Spaniard needs to do the opposite of what he’s currently doing.

Schmeichel said: “You have to have the drive, you have got to go box to box and be physically strong.

“Whenever he gets the ball he turns and gives it sideways or backwards – that’s not the way we want them to see them play.

“That’s the key to why the game is so slow, Manchester United needs to up the tempo and if this guy does the opposite of what he is doing then he can. I like him as a player but he is also someone who is under the manager’s control.”

Was Schmeichel drunk when he said this? If I had to choose one central midfielder who was our most forward minded, attacking midfielder then I would choose Herrera. He’s somebody who will always look for that incisive pass in attack when he can, so to say he only passes sideways or backwards is utter madness.

Herrera’s a cracking central midfielder and one who offers something different to the rest of our squad. Morgan Schneiderlin is naturally defensive minded, Bastian Schweinsteiger concentrates on maintaining possession and Marouane Fellaini isn’t allowed into this conversation, he’s not a central midfielder.

Schmeichel needs to go back and look at Herrera’s pass for Mata’s goal at Anfield last year if he wants justification as to how Ander passes. To say he only passes sideways or backwards is ridiculous.

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