Andy Mitten: Mitten: Ryan Giggs taking over now seems implausible

by Sam Peoples

Andy Mitten believes the concept of Ryan Giggs following Louis van Gaal as manager of Manchester United is now ‘implausible’.

When van Gaal came in with a three-year plan ahead of him, the concept of Giggs taking over once he had left was possible. After all, three years working closely with one of the world’s best managers is an excellent introduction.

Yet, I think we all knew that concept of Giggs taking over has been dead and buried for a long time, at least from a logical perspective. It would carry more risk than the appointment of David Moyes and that is surely one risk too far for United at the moment which is something Mitten discusses in his latest column.

He said: “United had a clear plan that Ryan Giggs would take over from Van Gaal, ideally after three years, with a youthful team of fine players in place. Such a situation now seems implausible. There’s talk of the Dutchman stepping down, but that’s news to those who know him best. Or is he waiting to be sacked to get a better pay-off?”

Bringing in Giggs would be a decision which take the club tumbling further downwards, much further downwards, and I just can’t see it being one which the board would be willing to take – not after the debacles of David Moyes and van Gaal.

Whoever comes in next at United needs to be a top class, proven manager with a CV as impressive as van Gaal’s was when he arrived but one who is willing to adapt to his new surroundings far more than the Dutchman. His stubbornness may well have been the orchestrator of his downfall in Manchester.

Things are up in the air with everything at United right now but I do hope Mitten is right that the concept of Giggs taking over is implausible because the timing simply isn’t right. If that is the case, everything points to Jose Mourinho if we are to replace van Gaal during the season.

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