Michael Carrick: Anthony Martial can be unplayable

by Sam Peoples

Michael Carrick feels Anthony Martial is simply unplayable when in the sort of form he showed against Derby on Friday.

Martial, 20, was named Man of the Match after tormenting Derby’s right-back for a full 90 minutes and he had two assists in a 3-1 win which was the least he deserved.

Ever since arriving in the summer, Martial has exceeded expectations and clearly that’s something which his fellow team-mates feel as well.

“He has shown his quality from day one since his debut,” Carrick said.

“We realise how good he is but we can’t expect everything all the time. However, when he’s playing like that [as he did against Derby], he’s pretty much unplayable so it’s nice to have him.”

Martial is the sort of player that has you sitting on the edge of your sit every time he squares up with a defender because you know he’s capable of drifting past them as if they weren’t even there. He must be horrible to play against.

Carrick might be right in saying we can’t expect those sorts of performances every week but I think Martial will expect them of himself. He looks like the sort of player who won’t accept anything but the best from himself and that’s the kind of attitude which helps players become the world’s best.

It’s been a while since Man United had a player like Martial who can excite fans with some real consistency week in week out and I honestly can’t wait to see how his development continues at United. If he’s this good only six months into his career, who knows how good he can become in a year or two.

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