Glazer family implementing club wide cuts of 15% at Manchester United – report

by Sam Peoples

Reports on Saturday night from the Express are saying that the Glazers intend to implement club wide cuts of 15% in order to drive down operating costs at Manchester United.

John Richardson reports that Man United’s first-team is the only part of the club which will avoid the cuts and suggests every other section will have to deal with the cutbacks and restructure.

Given that United are now valued at over £3 billion and increased TV deals from next year is only going to make our revenues soar even further, the concept of cutting costs at the club is fundamentally disgusting.

The Glazers have been bloodsucking leeches ever since they bought the club in 2005. Any money spent on investment in the club has come straight from the profits, never their own pockets, and they have never put their own money into the club. In fact, over £700m has left United due to interest repayments which the Glazers forced onto the club as they bought it on a loan.

This really wouldn’t surprise me to see the Glazers do this. They’re only interested in lining their own pockets and always have been but to force cuts on United at a time where we need to restructure and reinvestment from the top down to rebuild? It’s utter madness.

I’ll be penning an article this week to give my thoughts on United as a whole and the current situation surrounding us. Needless to say, I’m not very complimentary about the Glazers.

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