Photo: Jose Mourinho’s incredible career in numbers

by Sam Peoples

Following the news that Pep Guardiola will be taking over as Manchester City manager from the start of the 2016/17 season, Manchester United find themselves at a defining crossroads.

One minor justification I had for holding onto Louis van Gaal was because Guardiola was potentially available in the summer and would have been a perfect fit. Now that he’s gone, there are hardly any elite managers left in world football who will be available in world football – Jose Mourinho is one that is.

He has never been somebody I thought I’d consider as United boss but given our current situation and now City’s, I can’t see any other elite manager who is capable of taking the job. A quick look at his career stats shows just what he is all about in terms of winning trophies:


NB: Chelsea also finished second in 2007/8, when United won the double, but it isn’t written down.

Like Sir Alex Ferguson at United in the Premier League, Mourinho has never finished outside the top three ever in his career, outside of potentially this current season, which is one heck of a record and one which is littered with trophies.

Would our value and ethos as a club be going out of the window if Mourinho came in or we didn’t him

What United need now is somebody who is internally and externally strong enough to take the job on and, please correct me if I am wrong, there is nobody available who can do it better than Mourinho – plus, he wants the job which does make a big difference.

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