Ander Herrera explains his goal celebrations: “I cannot control my emotions”

by Sam Peoples

Seeing Ander Herrera going barmy after Wayne Rooney‘s winner at Anfield has been one of the highlights for me this season.

The likeable Spaniard has been a hit from day one with the fans. There’s so much authenticity about him, least not with his wild goal celebrations.

Speaking to about his celebrations, Herrera said there was nothing better than that feeling of scoring in front of the fans.

“Sometimes, when I see myself again, I feel a little bit embarrassed because I cannot control my emotions,” he told

“Like when we won in the last minute against Watford and also just before 80 minutes when we scored against Liverpool, which is a big game for us and our fans.

“I always try to look forward and look to the future and I think this goal can give us a lot of confidence, that’s why I reacted like that! [Laughs]. I cannot stop that or change that, it’s the way I feel football and feel about Manchester United.

“We have to go everywhere to win and to make our fans proud. That’s why I react like this. I feel the passion for this game and I always say the same, when you play for such a big club, you want to be there as long as possible. When you score and the team is winning, that means everything is alright and things are going good and I want to be part of that. There is nothing better than that moment or that feeling.”

Whatever you do Herrera, don’t be embarrassed. Seeing him go wild on the sidelines is absolutely ace, we all do it in the crowd so why can’t the players? It brings a much closer bond between a player and fan that no amount of interviews can create.

I love the little fella and am frustrated to see him back out of the starting XI on another occasion but just like he has done at United so far, he’ll brush it off and come back stronger.

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