Louis van Gaal admits he cannot believe the Jose Mourinho to Man United rumours

by Sam Peoples

Louis van Gaal has no belief in the media and doesn’t feel they are trustworthy with regards to the current Jose Mourinho rumours.
Manchester United reportedly spoke with Mourinho’s representatives this week and rumours are continuing to intensify around the Portuguese manager replacing van Gaal.

Despite those growing rumours, van Gaal said he didn’t necessarily believe them: “When I know that there is such a nonsense created about me, then I cannot believe there is already a relationship with Jose Mourinho and Manchester United either.”

When van Gaal returned from Holland after Man United lost to Southampton, he categorically denied ever offering to resign despite several reports from multiple reputable sources saying to the contrary, and it sounds like van Gaal is disagreeing with the stories once again.

Delving into the rumours further, van Gaal said the speculation was difficult for him, his wife, children and grandchildren. He added: “It is the football word nowadays. It is a pity, but it is like that.”

Van Gaal might not like the rumours growing but whether it is in the public eye or kept completely behind the scenes, United would be foolish not to be actively pursuing Mourinho at the moment. So, although he does deny it at the moment, I fully expect things to be moving in the background behind the scenes right now with Mourinho.

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