Manchester United fans delighted as Jose Mourinho reports continue to snowball

by Sam Peoples

Gianluca di Marzio has grabbed the attention of Manchester United fans after announcing on Twitter that he knew Jose Mourinho was going to be our next manager after Louis van Gaal.

He has gained a trusted reputation over the last couple of years after being first to a lot of news including Matteo Darmian‘s move to Man United during the summer. He’s not the type to go and put his name on the line without having reason to believe his information is very accurate, at least he hasn’t been up until this point.

Plenty of United fans were over the moon to see Di Marzio saying Mourinho to United is done:

Surely at this point we can correctly say the Mourinho to United rumours are not all guff and hot air like van Gaal continues to insist they are. Within the space of four days they have snowballed from reports that Mourinho’s representatives met with United to multiple claims the deal is done, and now Di Marzio has thrown his hat into the mix.

With the turgid football at United over the course of this season, it’s hard not to get swept up in the media wave with Mourinho but if Di Marzio is indeed correct, then that media wave is only going to get even stronger in the coming days and weeks.

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