Jose Mourinho agrees personal terms in principle with Manchester United – report

by Sam Peoples

Jose Mourinho has agreed personal terms in principle with Manchester United on a deal worth £15 million a year, reports The Mirror.

David Anderson of The Mirror says that sort of money would put him on par with Pep Guardiola when he takes up his post with Manchester City in the summer.

The reports also go on to say Mourinho is keen to bring Atletico Madrid sporting director Andrea Berta with him to Manchester United and push Ed Woodward away from the footballing decisions back into the business affairs only.

Everything sounds like music to my ears. Replacing Louis van Gaal, taking football decisions away from Woodward and bringing in a director of football? It’s a perfect scenario if you ask me.

Van Gaal needs to go, that’s for sure, but the problems don’t stop with him. Woodward being in control of footballing decisions when he probably couldn’t explain the offside rule properly sum up how our club is in drastic need of a re-structure, one which Mourinho would be more than capable of.

I’m taking these reports from Anderson with a pinch of salt for the time being because the reports are not being covered by other newspapers at this point in time, but the Mourinho snowball is continuing to gather pace with every day that passes.

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